The Mumbler
The Mumbler

The Mumbler speaking

Start NPC Dani - Barton Sewers (A-2)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Tutorial: Old Station
Next quest Finding Elizabeth


  • Speak to Dani about the "Mumbling Gramster" and receiving the quest
  • Head to the right. You are locked in (red text even says The door slams shut, locking behind you.).
  • Kill the first 3 Peelungers
  • Kill the 3 Gramsters
  • Finally kill the Mumbling Gramster.
    • If you are dazed, you awaken in the train station, and resume with the last set of monster you have failed to kill.
  • After defeating the Mumbling Gramster, open the chest to find Dani's Passcard, as well as your second ring.
  • Then return to Dani for reward and gain exit from the sewers.

Potential Chest RingsEdit

It looks like the trend is self healing or buff rings. Confirmed:

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Dani (Barton Sewers)

  • Dani says that the "mumbling gramster" she heard ran off into the room to the east. Head toward the flag shown on your PDA Map feature, find that Mumbler, and recover Dani's passcard!
  • Now that you've found the passcard, return to Dani and give it to her.

Game ScriptEdit

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