E: So are you ready to know more about your rings?

>>You bet! >>Not right now. I'll come back later.

1 E: Okay. The rings themselves get created within the strongest of the Animated out there, but even the little ones often create pockets of energy that free-float away from them after they're destroyed. If you're wearing a ring near one of those orbs, the orb gets sucked toward you, ultimately absorbing into you.

2 E: Okay. Suit yourself. Good luck out there. (ends)

Does absorbing the orbs make me more powerful?

E: Nope. Not directly, anyway. But when you go to the Null Chamber, you can manipulate the energy within you by forcing it into one or more of your rings, strengthening them and making them able to control more energy.

That's confusing. You mean that you become a kind of walking battery and you can spew that battery's energy into your rings, but only when inside the Null Chamber?

E: Exactly.

EXACTLY?!? I don't even know what I'm talking about!!

E: If it helps, you're just like the rest of us in that regard. We just know that this stuff *works*. Not way, not how, nor whether it will KEEP working or not. But it works for now, and that's good enough.

Okay, so you trash the Animateds to get orbs, and then use the orbs to charge up your rigns so they're more powerful. Right. So what do you want me to do?

E: I want to give you a few of the charge orbs right now. Then you can head to the Null Chamber and move those orbs into at least one of your rings. After you've done that, come back and we'll talk about a real mission.

Great, but where's the Null Chamber?

E: If you head to the town's South Gate and out into the Village Greens, it's only a short way directly south from the gate, just off the road to the east and I'll update your PDA so you can see the location easily once you get to the Village Greens.

Cool, Elizabeth. Thanks!

E: Okay. Good luck then. See you soon. (receive 2x orbs?)

T: Hi there and welcome to the Null Chamber! I'm Trixie. I've been posted here to make sure people don't get too overwhelmed the first time they come here.

Ummm...thanks. My name is (name). Elizabeth sent me here to learn about upgrading my rings.

T: Oh! That's easy, actually! Do you have any charge orbs yet?

You bet. Elizabeth gave me a few to experiment with.

T: Good, good. Well, it's pretty basic. The charge orbs are an extension of you now that you possess them, so you just have to *think* about moving them into a specific ring to make it happen. Kind of the same way that you tell your legs to move when you want to walk. It's almost unconscious. doesn't *seem* unconscious.

T: can be tricky the first time. The funny thing is, you can only move the orbs here int he Null Chamber. But just keep at it! You'll get the hang of it!

E: You look pleased with yourself. Something tells me you've got good news for me, (name)!

Indeed, I do! Mission accomplished!

E: That's great! (reward 2x null fragments?) E:Since you've got rings and you know how to use them, you should be able to make your own path now. Unless you'd like me to give you more advice, of course.

>>Sure, What can you tell me about? >>No thanks, Elizabeth. I can take it from here.

1 E:What are you interested in? 2 E:Okay then! Good luck to you, (name)! (end)


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