The Stone Coatl
Start NPC Lin - Otami Cliffs (A-4)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest The Gauntlet
Next quest Chapter One Finale


Make your way to the Throne Room, which is located at B5. The hike up here may be difficult due to the small spaces and many Animated that spawn. Once ready, click the Stone Tablet on the wall to Enter.

The fight starts out with the Coatl spawning enemies found in Otami Ruins, the first being a series of Feathered Coatls. Once they have been destroyed, one of the masks will attack. Defeating it will start phase two, this time with Tiny Terrors and Witch Doctors. Another mask will attack when they have been defeated, and start phase three; Bladed Vases. After the final mask is down, the Stone Coatl will then attack, initiating the final phase. A crew is highly recommended due to the boss' vast amount of HP.

TIP: stand in farthest top right corner, healer may stand opposite at bottom right.

RINGS: crowd control - cat or tape | long range attacks | meat, fitness | divinity is a must, you will loose massive stamina here. SOLO: buff in null, r4 as much as possible.


See Strategy.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Lin (A-4, Otami Cliffs)

The last, and greatest, test of the Spirits is to beat the avatar of Chaloc, the Great Stone Coatl, in his Throne Room at the base of the cliffs.
NOTE: This task will be a challenge. You might consider using a Crew for this task.Description:

Step Details:

  • The last, and greatest, test of the Spirits is to best the avatar of Chaloc, the Great Stone Coatl, in his throne room at the base of the cliffs.
  • Return to Lin now that you've defeated Chaloc's avatar to receive your just rewards.

Game ScriptEdit

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