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This article is currently out of date from a recent patch/update.
Note: Stone Coatl now speaks to you. A lot of other changes happen as well.

L=Lin, U=You, R=Rin

Before CompletionEdit


The stone becomes like air as you touch it, allowing you to pass through into the Throne Room beyond.

The giant stone door becomes solid behind you again.

The Stone Coatl doesn't seem to have noticed you yet.

As you move further into the room, the Coatl notices you! It's on!

The exit is blocked by a giant slab of stone. You cannot move it.

A carving of a feathered bird peels away from the side of the Coatl.

A rune of a tiny warrior steps away from the Coatl's carvings.


You've done it! You've destroyed the Giant Stone Coatl!

It's minions dissipate without their nexus to hold them together.

The stone becomes ghostlike again now that the Coatl is destroyed.

You leave the Throne Room, happy to have survived.

The stone once again becomes solid behind you.

After CompletionEdit

L: Congratulations, [name]! We did not wish to dissuade you from trying, but most of the possible futures we saw ended with your body crushed to the floor beneath the Stone Coatl. We are well pleased that you survived!

U: Okay...well...I'm glad I survived, too!

L: You have done very well, [name]. We believe now that the world has hope for the first time since the Animated appeared.

U: are you going to explain about this 'boon' you mentioned before?



U: Oh. I guess I'm about to find out then...


U: How am I supposed to know what is for the 'benefit of Gaia'?

L: The Spirits have left Rin once again.

U: Oh great. Now how am I gonna get my questions answered?

L: What questions would those be, [name]?

>> So, just what is this 'Boon of Chaloc'?

U: So, just what is this 'Boon of Chaloc'?
L: Chaloc is the Rain Spirit and his boon allows you to breath water as if it were air. This boon extends to all the water within the realm of the Otami...including the Shallow Sea.
U: So I can breath underwater? Cool! But that still doesn't answer my questions.
L: What questions would those be, [name]?
[return to options]

>> What am I supposed to use the boon for?

L: There is a man you must save. A man that survives beneath the water, captured by more of the Unliving. More than that we may not say. But if that man dies, then your future also dies.
U: Wait! What kind of answer is that? How do I find the guy? Who *is* the guy?
R: Be still. More than this we may not say or your path will be altered away from the desired future as if you had failed already.
U: But...ah, drat. You two stink at answering questions.
L: What questions would those be, [name]?
[return to options]

>> How am *I* supposed to 'save the world' someday?

L: There are thousands and thousands of possibilities with which to thread the loom of our future. From those threads, there are several that result in the world not being destroyed. But only a few.
R: And despite the fact that seem an improbable savior, those threads where you make the best decisions are the strongest of possibilities.
U: And...?
R: And what? We may not reveal your possible futures, or only those that end in your immediate death could come true. Since none of us desires that outcome, these answers must suffice.
U: Suffice? Are you kidding? That kind of answer just brings up more questions!
L: What questions would those be, [name]?
[return to options]

>> Just where ARE the rest of your people?

L: The number of our people is small, but intentionally so. Our society tore itself apart with constant warfare, and we made the decision to abandon the model of the city-state in favor of more sustainable, peaceful village enclaves.
U: So, there are villages of you out there in the jungle?
R: Possibly. But more we cannot say without the permission of the Elders. But now that you have proven yourself through the challenges of our Spirits, there is no village of ours that would deny you succor.
U: Oh great. A group of people I've never met, in hidden villages, will give me any aid I want. Perfect. Thanks.
L: You are a funny kind of hero, [name]. But our hopes lay with you.
U: It seems like the more I talk to you, the more questions I have to answer.
L: What questions would those be, [name]?
L: What questions would those be, [name]?
[return to options]

>> Oh nevermind. I'll just find out any other answers myself.

L: That is truly the only path you may travel anyway. Each of us must find our own answers in life.
U: Sure, sure. Okay. I'll go find my way then. See ya.
R: But before you go, we would grant you this last bit of knowledge so that you may show the world that you strove against the Unliving in the service of the Spirits of Gaia.
[Rin and Lin disappear]

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