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Mostly likely you will be doing Stone Coatl with a crew. Important thing you need to know, is that the monsters with be blue to your highest CL member. So if you have a member at CL 10 and the rest are 8 to 9, the CL 10 member will see blues which the others will see yellows to greens. If all member go into the tomb at the same CL range they will all see blue. Example if you all CL 8.8 & 8.9, this will make the monsters blue to all members. It maybe easier to fight Stone Coatl & his minions with your crew at the same CL level because no member will be a real disadvantage against the monsters.

Scaredy Cat is a good ring to scare off his minions when you need a break, it also works on the 3 Masks of Death and Rebirth.

Solar rays, Hot Foot, Guns, Guns, Guns, and the Hunters Bow rings are good ones to use. They are long-ranged so you don't have to stand real close

to the Giant Stone Coatl or his minions.

When you get to the Giant Stone Coatl himself, stand far away from him, his only ranged attack is one that sucks you in, which he can only use occasionally. Have some of your crew members fight his minions, and have some attack him with ranged attacks

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