The Vox Stellarum
Start NPC Roderick - Old Aqueduct ("above" A-1)
Requirements Max CL of 6.1
Repeatable Yes


  • Talk to Roderick, the leader of the True Believers in Old Aqueduct, to start this task.
  • Head into the trees, east of the main burrow areas, and fight against the Predi-Pup Rangers until you find one of their "Vox Stellarum" communicators.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Roderick (Old Aqueduct)


The True Believers know that the scouts in the woods, east of the burrows, are using communicators to report back to their commanders. They believe that these communicators might be the key to deciphering the pup language so they can negotiate a peace instead of war.

Step Details:

Go to the woods in the east. There will, in all likelihood, be Pups within the trees. As you kill them, dialogue on the screen will tell you if you have been successful in finding the Vox. Once you get the Vox, go back to Roderick to collect your reward.

Game ScriptEdit

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