Roderick: Hey there. Here...put this thought shield on. It'll keep the alien mind scanners from reading your thoughts!

You: Ummm...that's a fold-up hat made of aluminum, buddy.

Roderick: No! It just *looks* like that because this is the only portion of its fourth-dimensional aspects that we can see here in our limited perception space!

You: Hoooo boy. You're a real live one, aren't you?

Roderick: I am for the moment. But who knows? Once the saucers come down from the sky, it'll be every man for himself!

You: Riiiight. I'm going to slowly back away now...

Roderick: We will be the survivors that rebuild the world!

You: Then the world is in big trouble. See ya.

Roderick: Wait! Don't go!

You: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

Roderick: We can talk to the stars!


       - Okay. Good reason. But,really?
       - Yeah,yeah. Pull the other leg. Thanks anyway Okay.

Roderick: Very seriously. But to tell you the truth, we know *how* to talk to the stars, but we can't do it yet.

You: Oh, why am I not surprised?

Roderick: The key to us being able to do so is those aliens down the hill. Or more specifically, the scouting patrols that they send out.

You: I don't get it.

Roderick: Neither did we. Eventually, we got curious enough and drew straws for someone to go down and nose around. Lola here drew the short straw.

Lola: It was scary, too!

You: You sent *her* into danger? Big man there, Roderick. Big man.

Roderick: Hey! We all agreed to the rules ahead of time. She took her chances. And hey...she's okay, isn't she?

Spirit: Yeah...but Joie never came back, did she?

Roderick: No, Spirit. But, remember? We all agreed that she got away and was back in Barton Town already. Didn't we agree that?

Spirit: Yes...

Roderick: Good. Then back to the matter at hand. Lola found out that the patrols use communicators to report their positions from the field.


        - All right.What's so important about this communicator?
        - Umm... this seems kinda sketchy. I'm going to take off. Thanks anyway.

Roderick: We're *sure* that the pups are using those communicators to send packet communications back to their home world!

You: Um, wow. That's amazing. What makes you think that?

Roderick: Okay. We're guessing. But it makes sense if you watch their behaviors and how they use those dish arrays on their burrows. They're broadcasting signals!

You: So get to the point. What do you need help with?

Roderick: We want you to get one of those communicators for us! If we can figure out their communications, then maybe we can learn to talk to them and become allies instead of enemies!

You: You want *me* to do that? Why me?!?

Roderick: We see those fistfulls of rings you're wearing and the sensitive among us can sense the power you're radiating. If anyone can do it, then you're the one.


        - So how do I find this communicator?
        - Oh no. Flattery will get you nowhere!  So how do I find this communicator?

Roderick: Yes! You'll help! Lola, tell him where you saw the pups using the Vox.

You: Vox?

Lola: Vox Stellarum. It's Roderick's name for the communicator.

Roderick: It's Latin! It means 'Voice of the Stars'!

Lola: Okay. I admit it. We all think that's kinda cool.

You: Okay, so I need to get this Vox thing. Where did you see it?

Lola: They don't seem to use them near the burrows much. But you can hear them using the units in the trees along the river and east of the burrows.

You: So find a pup in the woods that's using a Vox, bonk it on the head, grab the unit and return, right?

Lola: You've done this sort of thing before!

You: Once or twice. How do I tell which ones have a Vox?

Lola: I think it's built into the armor they wear.

You: And I don't think they're going to offer that armor to me. That's going to take some doing.

Roderick: Which is precisely why wanted to talk to you! We're not asking you to do it for free. We plan to reward you for your efforts.

You: Okay. The idea is good, reward or not. I'll see you when I see you.

Roderick: Good luck! The hopes of interstellar peace go with you!

After Completion

Roderick: Did you find the Vox? Did you?

You: Ta da!

Lola: Oh. Wow...

You: Okay, okay. So it's damaged. It's the only one I could find!

Lola: No. I just didn't expect quite...I mean, I'm sure we can salvage info from what you brought back. Thanks!

You: did say 'in any condition'.

Roderick: And we meant it! Thanks for helping us out! If you're free another time, we'll offer you the same deal to find another Vox for us.

You: Will do, Roderick. Good luck with your mission!

Tom: Goodbye, You!

Dick: Thank you, You!

Hairy: Let the Pax be with you, You!

Lola: Thanks, You!

Amy: Be safe, You!

Spirit: Thanks again, You!

Betty: Thanks for helping!

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