Katsumi: You have done much for me already, (name). I am safer now and my loved ones know that I am well. There is really only one other thing that I would like to do and then I would be content.

Well...that's what I'm here for, Katsumi. How can I help you?

K: This time it's not about helping me. This time, I would like to help everyone else.

How will we do that?

K: I would like you to take this simple wish that I've put on this paper and take it north to the Wish Tree. Just tie the wish to a branch and then you can tell my Uncle that I am happy and safe.

A wish?

K: Yes. Perhaps it's just a girlish fancy, but that tree has held my wishes for my entire life. Since everything else in the world is topsy-turvy now, who's to say that wishes won't be granted. It's just a simple wish for everyone I know and love to stay safe even amidst all the chaos.

That's...nice, Katsumi.

>>I'd be glad to help you with your wish. I'll find this Wish Tree you mention and tie your note in its branches.

(at the wish tree) W: Hi!


W: Hi! {Hello!} =Yo!= [yeah, yeah] (Greetings!)

You...err...said that already.

W: Oh. Hehehe.=ha!= {*giggle*} Sorry (Our apologies, really). We're new to this ...talking =speaking= [BABBLING] (prevaricating)...thing.

New to talking? We?

W: We! [US!] (The multitude!) The notes on the tree! We're alive! =All of us!= {Each and every!}

Wait. You mean you're not the tree?

W: No, silly! [moron] (how do YOU know it's a moron?) We are the notes ON the tree. =Y'know...the big green thing with leaves?= {The pretty papers tird with string!} [ninny]

So each of you individually is Animated?

W: YES =yeah= Yup! (That's right, dear!) Good guess!

Wow. Okay! come you can talk and the other Animated don't speak.

W: We don't know. [Yes...we do!] Okay, we're not SURE. =Yeah...but we definitely have an idea.= Well, of COURSE we have an idea...but...

Wait, wait, wait. I didn't mean to start an argument. But do you have a *guess*?

W: From the stories {we *like* stories} that other people (like yourself) yourself= have told us =some of those stories sure were boring...but= (hush!) [You hush!] we think it's because (We *think*!) {Yay!} we had writing on us before we =changed= (Came ALIVE!) {Woke up!} became Animated.

So...if a book became Animated it might be able to talk also?

W: Sure! =maybe= [Definitely NOT] (What? Why not?) We seem to disagree. (Books can't meld thoughts) [Don't tell it that we can do that!] {But that can't} =How do you know, you ditz...?= SHUTUP! you're guessing a lot. Still, you're the only Animated that I've met that wasn't trying to kill me.

W: Kill you? [hahaHAhaha] {tee-hee} We're tied to these branches! =Couldn't hurt you if we tried.= (We might try though, so be careful.) [UNTIE US!] (hush!)

Okaaaay...since you can't attack me, I'm just going to tie this little wish note to one of these branches.

W: Another note! =Always room for one mo-ore...= [More brains for US!] {tieitontieitontieiton!} =yesssssss...=

Then I'll just step in here...and...tie the knot...done.

W: Thank you! =We feel it!= {A little girl wrote on it!} [HUNGRY] -|wht...?where?who?|- {It's waking!} [EAT IT NOW] (No! We need it! More mind for us!) -|I LIVE|- =WE live, newb.=

That's really quite disturbing... (lost the chat)

W: Wait! (Don't go!) [STAY] We can tell you much. =We have more than enough thoughts..= {We love hearing your wishes.} (offers chat to accept quest)

>>Thanks...err ...all of you, but I'm going to go now. Good luck to you.

W: Okay. Good luck to you! =Seeeeeya!= {Bye now!} [Good riddance] (Goodbye, dear.)

Yikes, that's weird.

(back at Katsumi)

K: Did you get my note tied onto the Wish Tree, (name)?

That was the oddest...tree..I've ever seen, but yes, your wish is in its branches now.

K: You're a good friend, (name)! I don't know many that would have stopped to help among all the troubles going on in the world. Thank you. My Uncle will surely like to speak further with you. Please give him my best.

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