W: Wait! (Don't go!) [STAY] We can tell you much. =We have more than enough thoughts..= {We love hearing your wishes.} (offers chat to accept quest)

>>Okay, I'll stay and chat with you for a bit.

W: Good! ['s not!] =It is! more info for our brains!= What are your questions?

>>Is there anything that YOU all want to talk about?

W: The wind? The world? Our visions? (The visions of otherwhers?!?) {NO! DO NOT TELL!] {We're confused by them!} [TELL!]

You have visions?

W: Yes we do. [NO WE DON'T!] {we do we do we do} =Who cares? We are BOUND!=

Can you describe those places to me?

W: Some of them...[NO!]. We see a high place =we see for miles!= near old stone where water once ran {the fighting!} where now only strife flows. [the strife tastes like FOOD].

Do you see anything else?

W: The wind {We love the wind} blows giant leaves around on a giant tree (not a tree) =must be a tree= not made by the world (ancient ancestor) {GAIA!}, but by those that live on it. [feeble frail things] {YOU!}

Interesting. Is that all?

W: Yes! [many more...but DO NOT TELL!] We will tell one more. A lance of light {so bright!} stabs out over a grey pond with no shores =big, big, BIG= bellowing out at the darkness.

Your visions sound odd, but maybe they're real places after all.

>>Would you like me to try and find those places?

W: Yes! Yes! =What if it finds something?= [The visions are OURS!] (Please find them! We must know!)

Okay. I'll keep my eye out for places that match those descriptions. If I find them all, I'll come back and let you know. See ya...Tree.

W: Not Tree. Wishes! (Notes!) =Paper!= {[(=US!=)]}

Wish Tree then. Either way...see ya.


W: You've been there! (Seen them!) {TOUCHED them!} [TELL US!]

I guess you know I've found your places then.

W: Tell us! {nownownownownow...} [TELL US!!!]

The stone where water ran was the old aqueduct that carried water to Barton Town before a new piping system was built. Two groups war over those stones now, one out of ignorance and one out of greed.

W: And the tree with giant leaves built by your kind? (the leaves!) {it's so BIG!}

It's just an old abandoned grain mill by Bassken Lake. I don't know why you saw it, but the 'leaves' are just the windmill vanes.

W: The light lance! Tell us of the light lance! (...and the pond that never ends) =So grey, so cold...=

I'm pretty sure that's the lighthouse near Gold Beach. It warns passing ships about the reefs and rocks off the point so they don't add to the scores of shipwrecks that have happened there over the years.

I really don't know how that helps you all, but if that's what you wanted to know...well...there ya go.

W: Ahhhh...{so happy} =Now what? Do we tell it?= [NO! Tell nothing!] (Tell it *something*. It was nice to us.)

Did you want to say something else to me?

W: We...see things. [NO! Not the futures!] =If we speak them, do we make them true?= (Tell it! We shouldn't be the only ones that know!)

What?!? What are you saying?

W: Things of water (grey water...) {Blue water!} =MOVING water!= and things below {down below?} (yes, far below!) are the source that caused us (made us) =accidents! afterthoughts!= to come alive.

That barely makes any sense at all? Water? Under? Underground below a river? In the ocean? Made you? Just you? Or all Animated in general?

W: We don't know. We FEEL (see) {smell} [but don't KNOW!] that these things are true (perhaps) =maybe= [ARE TRUE]. We sense (taste) that what was done is just the start [Animated EVERYWHERE!] unless the one that died is vanquished =beaten= (stopped) [EATEN] again.

What else? It sounds like you know something else...

W: We don't *know* =yes we do= (we just guess) [we KNOW] what will happen, only what *might* happen [DOOMED! YOU ARE DOOMED!] but if we speak it we may make it true, so we will not =speak it!= (hush!)

You must tell me! What do you see?

W: ...

Please! I've gone to all these places to help you. Tell me what you know!

W: ...

Fine! Sheesh. I can't believe it. That's a fine thank you!

W: We will not speak for fear {bad things from the dark} (Animated of *tremendous* strength), but you have been our friend {our first!} =perhaps our last?= and we would shake our branches to loosen the gifts placed there for you (Not notes, un-live things...).

W: We may say no more =to you= (at this time) [FOR NOW].

Well...thanks for the gifts anyway.

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