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They're Stinkin' the Place Up!
Start NPC Ryan - Bass'ken Lake (G-7)
Repeatable Yes
Quest chronology
Previous quest Looking for Gustav


  • Speak to Ryan to accept the quest.
  • Defeat 20 Carrion Flower Fluffs
    • Carrion Flower Fluffs spawn by hitting trash cans around the southeastern area of Bass'ken Lake.
    • Hitting a trash can would either spawn Grass Fluffs or Carrion Flower Fluff (where the latter are rarer).
    • In order for the trash cans to respawn, one must kill ALL the Fluffs around the trash can's area.
  • Return to Ryan for your reward.


  • Do not attack the fluffs or the trash can when the Mother Fluff and her guards are around, this will cause the Mother Fluff to attack you when you attack her babies (and vice versa).

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Ryan (Bass'ken Lake)


The Rabid Grass Fluff in Bass'ken Lake are causing all sorts of havoc. Ryan would like you to teach them some manners

Step Details:

Teach the Rabbid Grass Fluffs in Bass'ken Lake some manners by defeating 20 of them.

Game ScriptEdit


  • Prior to February 12th 2009 update, Mother Fluffs used to spawn both Grass Fluffs and Carrion Flower Fluffs. The quest nature was changed to address the issues of high level players constantly killing the Mother Fluff need for the quest.
  • This quest was previously known as "Fluff Charm School".
  • It seems that the number of reward orbs differs, depending on the CL you use to fight them.
    At CL 4.5 it's 10 orbs. At CL 4.1 it's 17 orbs. Exclamation

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