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Through the Star Portal!
Start NPC Concerned Citizen - Old Aqueduct (E-3)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Get the Transponder

Walkthrough Edit

1. Enter The Hive through its portal
2. This has an automatically completed design - when you are dazed, the quest will be completed, regardless of how many/few aliens you kill.
3. Return to the Concerned Citizen for reward and quest chain completion. (Must have CL under 6.1)

Game Description Edit

Client: Concerned Citizen (E-3, Old Aqueduct)


Agent Caruthers asks you to use the transponder to activate the Portal and pass through to the other side to see what's there.
NOTE: This task will be a challenge. You might consider using a Crew for this challenge.

Step Details:

  • The enemies get stronger slowly but there's no real need to stay in there unless you feel like squishing some bugs.
  • Return to Agent Caruthers and tell him about the alien hive world you visited.

Game Script Edit

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