Taking the quest

Hey...wait a minute. You're being suspiciously civil in your tone. What's up?

C: Me? I don't see how I'm behaving any differently than normal. What do you mean?

You've gone more from two setences without insulting me or putting me down. What's wrong?

C: Maybe I've just learned to respect you for your accomplishments...[name].

What? You called me by NAME? Do I have a terminal disease or something? I'm gonna die, aren't I?

C: Not


C: Well...who knows what will happen to you when you go through the Portal? I mean...anything could happen, couldn't it?

THROUGH the portal?

>>Hmmm...come to think of it...I've always wanted to 'get away from it all'. Tell me more.

C: That's what a good operative should say! I know I could count on you, junior!

Thanks, senior.

C: Right. Well, look junior, we need you to take that transponder you got from their leader and use it to open the Star Portal...

Okay. Opening it doesn't sound so bad. I thought you wanted me to go THROUGH it.

C: ...and then go through to the other side to see what the P3 home world looks like, and why they aren't headed back themselves.

Oh. Doh. So...something's stopping the P3s from going home...stopping those high-tech aliens with all the super-powered lasers and explosives...and somehow little ol' me and my rings are supposed to jump through and figure out what's stopping THEM?

C: That's about it! Good luck, Operative [name]! said you didn't believe in luck.

C: I don't. But something tells me you're going to need every bit of help you can get on this one.'re just the king of uplifting speeches, aren't you?

C: I've always thought so, yes.

After completing the quest

C: [name]! You made it back! What happened? Your scanner cut off as soon as you went through the Portal.

Bugs. Lots and lots and LOTS of bugs. Hundreds of 'em. MILLIONS!

C: You mean the P3 world was invaded by insectoids?

No. Yes. I don't know...maybe. But the walls of the area I was in looked like they'd been secreted by the bugs and *grown*. They didn't look natural at all. Heck...they *pulsed* all the time I was there!

C: either the P3 world has been overrun by bugs, or the portal isn't connecting to their home world any longer. Either way, it's clear why they're not trying to leave through the portal.

As far as I'm concerned, those pups are smarter than we are. Dang...I'm telling you...there were bugs *everywhere*. I'm really lucky that whereever I was, it wasn't too far away from the Null Chamber for me to reform there after I got beat down!

C: Well...good job. I'm not sure how we're going to contain the spread of the pups now, but at least our course is clear. I suppose this means that war is inevitable between our races unless we can find a way to communicate. Time will tell, I suppose.

Well...good luck with that. I'm done for now.

C: That's all right, [name]. We at the GIB don't have a clear direction to proceed at this time anyway.

Ah HA! You said it! You *are* the Gaians in Black. I *knew* it!

C: And we knew you knew it, so don't get too full of yourself, Sherlock. Just be happy that I finally said it out loud to you.

Happy? Why is that?

C: Because that means we trust you enough not going to erase your mind and replace it with our standard accountant template.

Oh good god. You would *do* that to me? An ACCOUNTANT? That's just inhuman!

C: Welcome to the GIB, [name]. Whether you like it or not.

Oh. Good then, I guess. See ya later.

C: Good day, citizen. And here's the reward we promised you for your service.

[Receive rewards]

C: If you'd like to do something else for us, while we consider the P3 issue further, then go find out more about those tiny masked creatures that are warring with the P3s out of the jungle to the northwest of here. It'd be good to know more about them, even if they're just more of the Animated.

Okay, Caruthers. I'll think about it. Thanks.

C: You did good here today, kid. Keep it up!

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