When you are in the Null Chamber, open your Ring Inventory.

Select the ring you wish to upgrade, either on your ring tray or in your inventory, by clicking on it.

To upgrade that ring, click the 'UPGRADE' button on the right side of the inventory panel and, if you have enough Charge Orbs available, they get added into that ring.

The higher the Charge Level of your ring, the more powerful it becomes. Additionally, as you raise your CLs, your character attributes go up as well.
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Cost to UpgradeEdit

The number of charge orbs used to upgrade.

CL - (Charge Level) Step from previous level Total Cost (from CL 1.0)
1.0 0 0
2.0 10 10
3.0 20 30
4.0 30 60
5.0 40 100
6.0 50 150
7.0 60 210
8.0 70 280
9.0 80 360
10.0 90 450
11.0 100 Shadow Orbs

450 Charge Orbs

100 Shadow Orbs

12.0 200 Shadow Orbs

450 Charge Orbs

300 Shadow Orbs

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