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Family: Water Spout

Water Spout

Water Spout

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Gold Beach
  • 6.2 (490 HP)
  • 6.3 (498 HP)
  • 6.4 (506 HP)
  • 6.5 (514 HP)
  • 6.6 (521 HP)
  • 6.8 (537 HP)
  • 7.0 (553 HP)
7PM~2AM Qmark A, K
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback



  • Spawns only in the water.
  • Spawns only at night.
  • Sometimes spawns during the early day on the northern island where the Desert Island badge is obtained.
  • There is a quest called Swirlies suck. Defeat 15 water spouts to finish the quest.


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