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Brodie: Sup! What's goin' down?

>>Just working on my tan. You?

Brodie: Tan?! But there's only one color... Anyway, I'm pretty terrible atm. Nobody but me even cares about the dang anchor bugs walking around!

>>Did you say anchors... walking... around? The Animated get stranger and stranger.

Brodie: Yeah, giant anchors that crawl around and shoot themselves at people. Anchor bugs are serious business.

>>Sounds like it... what can we do?

Brodie: I dunno... maybe you could just kill them? You look pretty badass to me.

>>Hmm... maybe I could. I'll give it a shot.

Brodie: Go getem, (name)! You can find them to the north... and the further north the more you will find.


Brodie: Well, that oughta keep the bugs under control for now. Good work, (name)!

>>Yeah, they learned their place! I need to beat a few more things up.

Brodie: Hmm... I've got nothing for you to do, but you might try talking to the other surfers.

Okay, I'll ask around. Thanks.

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