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What's new on zOMG! [ All Game Updates ]

November 06, 2014

  • zOMG! will not be returning from maintenance due to security holes.
  • Original post.

As many of you know we shut down zOMG! to perform critical repairs to the game servers. Particularly we were addressing some critical vulnerabilities in the server infrastructure. We could not give a specific repair completion date because the extent of what systems the repairs would make to the game were unknown. Sadly, the changes needed were extensive and due to both hardware and Engineering limitations we had to make the tough call not to proceed. This means our beloved zOMG! MMO will not be making a triumphant return.

We will have an update for you next Wednesday regarding recipes, your existing rings, and other zOMG exclusive elements. To all of our loyal zOMG'ers, we wish to thank you for years of loyal support. Over the next couple weeks we will be holding various contests to help commemorate and celebrate your favorite moments in the game. In fact, we have our first one starting, just check it out below! zOMG! was an exciting journey into a whole new world of fun and excitement.

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