You've probably stumbled upon here unwittingly. This article is not to teach you how to edit, nor editing projects that needs to be done. However, if you wish to learn about zOMG wikia, this is the brief history of its progression.

Like many wikis, zOMG wikia offers a slew of information like an encyclopedia. Articles detailing rings down to the very NPC dialogues given in quest. All these articles are made possible by contributions from anyone willing to edit, editors. Validity of the articles becomes more reliable as more editors works on the site, which is why wikis like Wikipedia information can be relied on.

New Site Edit

zOMG Wikia was started during the 'Zeta' phase of zOMG, which is the closed beta testing phase where zOMG development team invites a limited number of public users to test their product.

Although it was founded then, there were no articles pertaining to the game details itself due to the request of the developers. However, basic rough layout of the site was created during that time to support data entry when the game was to enter open beta phase.

Wiki Hosting Options Edit

It was decided to being the wiki running on mediawiki. There were many free wikia hosting out there, but the choice was made to join Wikia network because of it's connecting network between other wikis. An editor who have registered would be able to jump between editing anything on the wikia network they wish. Such as if an editor found it boring to play zOMG any longer and began playing a new game, they may decide to go to that Wikia's page to work on the new game instead. This way the work placed in does not become as stale.

Upon creation there were offers made to merge with a private wiki as well as merging with Gaiapedia. Both offers were kindly declined.

Privately owned wiki required maintenance fees, and ownership can turn into a muddy issue over years. This means the address of the wiki can change, and website downtime.

The merge with Wikia's Gaiapedia did not happen because focus was mainly on zOMG the game oppose to rest of Gaia Online. Additionally, when creating a fresh wiki there would be no conflicts with existing policies and article layout standards.

Pseudo-templates Edit

Due to inexperienced editors, pseudo-templates were created to aid in a uniformity between articles. These pseudo-templates were just tables where information were missing.

World Map Edit

In game minimaps were inefficient details, lacked coordinate directions, and were too small to read. Thus, world maps were created from individual screenshots in-game stitched together. Additionally, these images shows the exact number of creatures that appears on the map, as well as providing a full resolution of the game as it would appear for the end user.

New Templates Edit

Templates were slowly introduced to reduce the need to understand mediawiki code, and only requested the editors to enter the data required. However, it was necessary that the editor knew what the templates were named in order to use it.

Game Updates Archives Edit

Game Updates were archived providing a history of patch notes on the wiki.

New Infoboxes Templates Edit

Infoboxes projects were started to aid in the creation of new articles. Here the editor would just need to fill out a form. Although many of the infoboxes were not completed, a handful of them were integrated into the articles themselves. Such as the quest infobox and ring stats.

Extension DPL Edit

DPL was requested to populate tables of ring data for stat comparisons, calling on the Infoboxes templates for stat information.

Wikia Re-designed Layout Edit

Wikia changed the standard layout of articles taking up a column on the right side, as well as adding several other aids to help editors.

The loss of 1/4th of an article width meant several articles had to be re-adjusted for optimal view.

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